" Guaranteed to treat you fair was the recommendation we received from a mutual acquaintance and supplier in the industry. How could you go wrong with that we decided, and he did not let us down. We found Rick to be very knowledgeable, personable, and a person with a high degree of integrity. He understood intuitively our expectations and was always open to consider our opinions. Every project has its challenges and we can say without hesitation that Rick was there to take charge and ensure the highest degree of quality was obtained. We are delighted and proud to say we have a Richlyn Home."
- Don & Sandi Davis.

          " I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Richlyn Custom Homes. Rick and his crew took on a complicated building project for me utilizing a 189 year old building frame salvaged from my great-grandfather's home. The project required an open mind, improvisation, the ability to think outside the box, skilled carpentry and especially communication; all of which were provided in abundant levels. The finished project speaks for itself and I can openly suggest Richlyn to anyone looking for a quality custom home."
- Gary Wood.

          " Modern house design requires discipline and rigour. To fully realize the design, these same characteristics are required from the builder. As both client and design consultant for the LG House project, I was impressed with Richlyn's commitment to excellence and dedication to the project. Rick exemplified great leadership skills and construction knowledge whenever it became essential. Rick is both professional and personable and it was this partnership that was critical to the success of the project. I look very much forward to the opportunity to work together again..."
- Louis M Pereira, Principal - thirdstone inc..

          " We choose to build our custom home with Richlyn Custom Homes due to their professionalism and commitment to quality. They did not disappoint! Rick provided professional, hands on product management services throughout the project, and his team was excellent. Our project was on budget and finished on time. We would highly recommend Richlyn Custom Homes to anyone looking to build a custom home."
- M. Chanyi.


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